About Yprosi

Yprosi is an organisation with a focus on human speed development. Yprosi will answer all the questions regarding the matter on how to make an athlete faster.

It is our mission to make people faster, with more fun and more success. This will happen by participating our training (Team RSH), teaching the coaches (Workshops, clinics, courses), books regarding our philosophy (Books) or by offering training camps (training camp)

Yprosi has been, and still is, successfull within athletics (aka. track and field), football (aka soccer), basketball, fieldhockey and handbiking, but the coaches, who have been taught by Yprosi, are successfull in coaching athletes of all level and sports.

Yprosi is capable of explaining everything, regarding speed development, in an easy, understandable way so that you and your athletes will benefit from this. Yprosi has tons of exercises that can be used immediately, are fun and will bring a hugh improvement to your athletes, both in shortterm as in longterm.

finally, Yprosi has developed an amazing Bootcamp program: Bootcamp Games. By using gamification (well-known boardgames are turned into Bootcamp activities), over 100 groups in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands are training with this concept. This number is still growing and that's the best proof, this concept works.

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About Yprosi